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it looks like you are wondering, why some people take the time, to write their hearts out on a topic as broad as IT automation.

Well, what is IT automation anyway? A simple question with a simple answer: Automated IT means that all IT systems take care of themselves (at least 99% of the time). We are talking about the “operation” and “maintenance” of IT platforms, systems and architectures. The part of IT not many people regard as a pool of innovation but as a bottomless pit swallowing up to 70% of available IT budgets, And we are talking about a possible way to get rid of this problem. Does this sound like science fiction? Actually it is not quite that far away.

Implementing an idea like that means a lot of change. On the technical side automation requires new technical approaches, entirely new technologies, interfaces to organically grown systems and probably a gazillion other little problems dealt with… But IT automation also changes the way IT personal works and that kind of changes attached to the “human factor” often take just as much effort as coming up with the new techniques….

Many things in IT have changed, and many things have not changed except for their new and colorful names, but the way systems are kept up and running has not changed much since the day of the operator, or should I say the “bastard operator from hell”? Sure a lot of new tools and toys, new processes and names have stepped onto the stage of maintaining the carotid artery of our brave new IT world, but behind all this we find the “god users” and “geeks” who make sure everything is working just fine. Implementing IT automation will attack this final frontier of cultivated IT culture.

So you see there is a lot to talk about and we figure it is about time to put IT automation on the agenda. We want to talk about the technologies available, technological approaches suitable and social impacts of IT automation. So, if the topic of IT automation and autonomous systems is of any interest to you – and it should be, because it will be part of your life – or if you just want to read about free climbing and other extra-body experiences, you will most likely enjoy reading this blog.

You can be sure I have gathered a crowed of interesting and experienced people, who will share their knowledge and ideas with you, so for now – have a good time and feel free to join in on our discussion


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