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On the Way to Becoming an IT Factory

Automation in IT Operations by extending the ITIL-Processes

Hans Christian Boos, 2007


Head in the Clouds

Much has been written about clouds and cloud computing. Too much to get a good understanding of the possibilities and opportunities offered by this new approach to maximizing hardware use and minimizing programming effort. […]

Chris Boos, December 2008



Types of Automation

Did you ever wonder about THE automation? Roland Judas describes the different types of IT-automation in a few sentences.

Roland Judas, Januar 2009


Measurement as the Prerequisite for Automation

Chris Boos, 2007


New Directions in Administration

How “Administration Agents” simplify and optimise system administration

Thomas Neuderth, 2008

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The 100+ Pags Every RockStar Developer Should Know

A collection of links I believe are important to any kind of software development in the net.

Hans-Christian Bos 2011





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