What do you want to automate today?

As we have learned in a previous post of my valued collegue Chris, automation is a very easy thing –

It is the execution of actions based on conditions.

From the technical standpoint this simple explanation sums it up. But for me, working on productmanagement and marketing issues, I can tell you, that there are loads of other aspects of our featured subject Automation.

Today it’s possible to automate almost everything, starting from doors to production plants and – to switch over to the IT world – from simple applications to system run books even whole datacenters. All in common is the goal to make life easier and to prevent the “user” from doing unnecessary, repeating tasks, like opening doors, pressing knobs, typing commands into a shell window or even executing restart scripts.

I’m sure the potentials of Automation becoming the “next big thing” seems to be huge. So is the number of vendors offering offering products. The wheels are turning and the M&A guys have already started earning money. HP bought Opsware in summer last year for $1.6 billion and BMC Software by that time acquired RealOps, the so called “Run Book Automation pioneer” for $52.5 million and in March this year BladeLogic for an impressing price of more than $800 million. The latest news is CA signing an OEM agreement with Opalis, which leaves plenty of room for rumors. Happy merging.

The answer to the question “why companies are spending these huge amounts of money for Automation technology?” gives Bob Beauchamp, president and CEO of BMC, who said

“Organizations around the world will spend more than $140 billion this year running data centers, Automation is the only way IT can bring this spending under control and still meet the requirements of their businesses.”

Just a last word to think about: How much are companies spending for all the other stuff outside of datacenters?

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