IT Automation – All the Things We Are Talking About

Reading and writing about IT automation, I keep on learning about the subject. Lately I found that there are so many flavors of automation around the operating processes of IT, that misunderstanding seems inevitable. So I try to make a … Continue reading



Implementing Automation – the Inevitable Step after Implementing ITIL Processes

Some time ago I published an article on the future of IT operation after we are through with all the ITIL implementations (still) taking place. Assuming that all the nice failure handling, proactive failure avoiding and communication processes like Incident, … Continue reading



A Simplistic Approach to IT Dependency Modeling: M—A-R-S

You have seen a number of abstract articles talking about the “interdependency model” of an IT environment that is necessary to actually automate across operational silos on this blog. Building this model actually is the main challenge in implementing automation. … Continue reading