Head in the Clouds

There has been so much talk about cloud computing that at least my head is spinning in the clouds right now. The great idea of the “Do What I Mean Program” (to me the original idea of a cloud) is the logical next step from the “Do What I Mean Network” (Tim Berners-Lee´s original idea of the web). Unfortunately too many buzz word hunters have jumped onto the term too quickly, therefore this topic feels a little more like the emulsion resulting from !$%&/ hitting the fan than anything else. Still the idea is worthwhile, and this is why I have decided to put some time in structuring the cloudy talk out there.

In the long version of this article article you will read about the actual cloud – a distributed computation power that solves computer science problems and enables “us” programmers to focus on the actual value added we expect from our software. You will also read about the common cloud – the marketing talk out in many computer papers and on so many consultancy slides. I will try to show some examples of actual cloud implementation of both “kinds of clouds” and I will take you to the problem with the cloud approach – the problem being that only software either written explicitly for a cloud or really well modeled can actually make use of a cloud.
So, if this is your cup of tea, keep on reading and enjoy. Then again, if you want to read about how this great new technology will change your life and how IT drives business and such – do me a favor and consult either your local astrologist or read whatever IT tabloid you are addicted to and fancy.

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