Help Real Entrepreneurs – Effective Season´s Donations

Yes I know, is that special season, where everyone is looking for some charity money and as usual most causes are more annoying than worthy. Most “welfare money” given as foreign aid does not do much good – as many publications and analysis show. Well, maybe it at least makes most doners feel great. If you really want to help someone to become independent and not just help to keep them in their place, supporting entrepreneurial approaches is the only way to go in a world governed by markets.

Some years ago I found a micro finance portal on the internet. I have “lent” and “donated” money all of this time now and have found that 90% of all business financed grow and even report back to their original financiers. So far 100% of all money has been repaid. Personally I do believe – and this should be common knowledge at least after Muhammad Yunus won the 2006 Nobel Prize for setting up Grameen Bank as a micro finance bank. With anyone can join in on making the world a better place and pushing entrepreneurs where they are needed most. Is it not much better to fund a fishing-net for a local fisherman than to pour your donations into some anonymous pot where projects like the Aswan Dam are created?

If you feel like supporting entrepreneurs (not much money is required to buy a frying pan in Rawanda) take a look at my lender page at and join…


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