A Boy´s Holiday

Holidays are a rare good in these times so when there is more than a long weekend of time available, one has to choose well what to do with it. This summer was one of the best choices of vacation I have made in the last few years. Three boys going out on a luxury holiday could have become a costly expedition, but one of my two friends suggested making the whole experience a little more personal by taking a camping trip. Since we are all beyond the school kind of camping, we enriched our camping experience with as much “boy toys” as possible. I.e. we took along a beer tap, an espresso machine, a Weber barbecue grill and whatever else we could find to make a boy´s life more comfortable. Everything got packed up in a mobile home and we set camp at Port Grimaud – right across the bay from Saint Tropez. As you can see from the pictures, we were very concerned with a healthy diet – starting at breakfast – and loads of exercise (no, not just by holding up glasses full of beer). Besides the cultural and culinary experience (yes, you can believe we did city tours, harbor tours and all the normal touristy things) we discovered our love for jet skiing. Going across the bay at 90 km/h is an experience beyond words. And I can assure you, that there is no more going 90 when you hit the open sea with 6m high waves rolling over, behind and around you; out there the speed is replaced by surfing and jumping the waves. Even though jet skis do produce a lot of noise pollution and certainly are not a good idea close to any coral reefs, they are great fun and great exercise for legs and arms as well. After the third day of jet skiing the three of us had a little walking problem, because our legs would hardly move; I would not want to imagine what a jet ski ride would do to someone who normally does not do any exercise.




After a week of eating, drinking, swimming, running and wandering around beautiful little towns in the south of France, I can definitely recommend a luxury camping vacation as a boy´s week out. If you plan on doing something similar, just be sure to pack the tap (and proper German beer – we did go for Franziskaner which also works fine as an afternoon snack 😉 ) and the grill; without these vital pieces of equipment, the whole camping experience would not be complete whatsoever. And then you also need a seven people tent and a mobile home with four sleeping places to ensure the proper level of comfort. This may sound like we were overdoing it just a little, but can you imagine the discomfort of not having a wardrobe cabin in the tent – you would have to live out of a bag all the time… I could find many more examples, but I think you get the point, right?

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