What all the Practice Was Good for: Oktoberfest

If you have read my little article on travelling to Cote d´Azur, you know what I am talking about, when the headline says “all the practice”. Well, if you went through all the pain to practice with the beer, you have to take it up with the greater challenges and in Germany in September, that can only be the Munich Oktoberfest (the most famous beer festival in the world; I do hope you agree).

As for me, I am not an experienced beer-man and therefore was not in possession of any proper garment for this occasion. Thus my friends took me to Loden-Frey and made sure I was able to dress accordingly for the “Wiesn” (the local name for the beer festival). As you can see from the picture, I am not quite used to such traditional clothing, but I did promise to get some practice wearing it – actually there is a bet to wear them for one of the Xmas markets going on…

Arriving at the Oktoberfest on a weekend means cutting your way through an enormous crowd. Finally entering the tent you do feel very odd amongst everyone wearing traditional Bavarian clothes and being fairly happy with standing on the tables dancing. This strange feeling disappears after the second “Mass” – local for one liter of beer; and that beer being specially brewed for the beer festival to be a little stronger than the normal stuff around. Well, for the sake of proper etiquette I will not go into details of how many “Mass” we actually downed. Strangely enough we all managed to get out of the tent walking straight and even went for a night cap in the hotel bar. For now: Same show, next year 😉

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