Meet Me @ PULSE 2009…


if I caught your interest in the topic of automation and you would like to see what we have achieved so far, you can see me at this year´s PULSE in Las Vegas. I will give a presentation on “Automation — The Key Factor in Producing and Maintaining Integrated IT Services” there.

Here is a short Abstract of what I will cover in the session:

Automation in IT operations reduces effort while increasing service quality. Integrating IT and ITSM processes are the focus. Today we can implement shared IT services and on-demand IT resources such as Clouds. But how is this ever-growing complexity managed while making availability a commodity to business? As cost increases are not acceptable, automation is “the future.” In this session you will learn about the possibilities of automation and automatic IT operations. Best practices and knowledge of experienced system engineers are conserved and multiplied, thus reducing manual labor while simultaneously pushing expertise up the value chain.

I am looking forward to many interesting discussions and meetings. If you want to schedule a personal get-together, please feel free to contact me.


IBM Pulse Conference

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