EMCWorld 2009 – First Impressions

I am sitting in the blogger´s lounge at EMCWorld 2009 – a really cool idea from ZDNet. After half a day of the conference I must say I am really impressed. In his keynote Joe Tucci (CEO EMC) talked about the challenges presented by the current economic downturn and EMC´s reaction to them. Technologically they concentrate on the areas of:

  1. 000080;">Storage
    storage virtualization and the trend towards SSD
  2. 000080;">information management
    where they are moving from a content management platform or system towards an information management framework with multiple repositories
  3. 000080;">security
    though virtualization and HA solutions on the one side and a group of solutions around identity management and security on the other side
  4. 000080;">clouds
    strategy for bringing the dynamic and flexible aspects of a cloud infrastructure to legacy applications while keeping security, reliability and control at the level they are today and promoting automation as a key point in making dynamic infrastructures possible on a large scale

Paul Maritz (CEO vmware) elaborated on the latter point by giving an actual demonstration of vSphere – vmware´s brand new “cloud operating system”. Even thou I think the term cloud OS is used a little prematurely, the concepts of delivering a dynamic management solution with the virtualization solution is obviously well designed and a great next step. This “cloud OS” will automatically manage resources from a service perspective – including automated provisioning and SLA tracking. This resource management does not only include computing power as before, but now also extends towards storage (dynamically moving storage, WOW) as well as automated HA, user based environment templates and the possibility to externalize resources on demand. To me this approach and the actual availability of the solution shows how a technology driven company can harvest the fruits of a clean and diligent design process even in turbulent times while at the same time making a big contribution to its customers cost reduction scenarios. 

Joe Tucci also made a very strong commitment towards EMC remaining a technology company and their strategy within the economic downturn. To him this means

  • getting closer to the customers,
  • securing talent,
  •  no cuts in R&D budgets,
  • increase in cash reserves,
  • opportunistic  M & A as was as
  • strategic investment.

To me this sounds like a viable strategy of a well positioned company.
Client virtualization and automated operating were put out as the next “hot things” they will be dealing with.

And I can tell you that I found some people to talk to about operating auto pilots and automation beyond dynamic provisioning really quickly. I will be going to an engineering round table this afternoon and I will surely keep you posted.

EMC World 2009

EMC World 2009

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