Bruce Springsteen – Rock, Blues and Simply Great Music

Last Friday night a difficult decision had to be made. Unfortunately a company BBQ in honor of five of my coworkers who have been with arago for 10 years now was in competition with Bruce Springsteen´s concert in Frankfurt. This may be considered a lack of internal planning or an opportunity for everyone. The solution was to push the party forward a bit. give everyone a chance to have a longer BBQ in the garden of our old offices and to go to the Bruce Springsteen Concert (and for those of us who do not need so much sleet, even to return to the party after the concert).  So a bunch of us went to the Commerzbank Arena in Frankfurt and arrived exactly when Bruce stepped onto the stage after being stuck in a major traffic jam for half an hour.

I think not too many words should be spoken about the concert, because 003366;">GREAT is about the only word that describes it adequately. So I will leave it at that and just say that a lot of new songs, some old classics and many wonderful new versions of Bruce´s songs were played in a 003366;">three hour non-stop show. Just look at the “playlist” as published on the “Bruce Blog” by Stan Goldstein.

I absolutely love these “old” rock-stars. People like Bruce Springsteen go onto the stage andactually have something to say. They come up there and play great music and have a good time while doing it. A special note on Bruce: If any of us are fit enough to give a stunning 3 hour stage performance, tell 40.000 people that George W. Bush is a devil and look about 40 at the age of almost 60, we should have a BIG party! Congratulations!

I never understood the bad press “Working on a Dream” had when it came out. After this concert I would recommend an ear-checkup to anyone who has anything less than “fabulous” to say about this artist, this band, the new and old songs and the stunning performance of the current tour. All of us who went just loved it! Even the local press agrees with this opinion 😉

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