Look Who is Talking @CloudCampFRA


As you may have noticed – by me being silent = not part of my personality – the organization of the Frankfurt CloudCamp is putting all of us to the test. But today I have some great news for you.

We have published a first glimpse at the agenda of CloudCampFRA. I can honestly say that I am much looking forward to a fabulous event. Thanks to our sponsors we are able to organize a unique event in the successful history of creative CloudCamp unconferences and this is attracting great speakers.

You will be enticed into cloud philosophy presented by Simon Wardly (a great show is guaranteed) in the keynote. Visionaries like Tim Cole will give you security insights for the cloud and market makers like Cedric Hüsler will speak about business oriented cloud development.

With CloudCamp Frankfurt focusing on the business possible in clouds today, we have put together an agenda structured in four tracks:

  1. Security and legal issues in the cloud
  2. Business with the cloud
  3. Developing for the cloud
  4. Building and maintaining cloud infrastructures

No – there is no track for putting down yet another 25 descriptions of what a cloud is and why one needs one´s own definition….

I am also happy to announce (before this is even out on the official CloudCamp site) that we were able to increase the number of seats available at CloudCamp Frankfurt, so more of you can register and join in on interesting discussions, networking and game changing eco system building for the cloud environment of your choice. Thanks again to a great crew of corporate and media sponsors.

Look out for more news on CloudCamp Frankfurt at t3n and O´Reilly or follow @CloudCampFRA or our modern PR partner @psmw.

See you at CloudCamp Frankfurt


PS: If for some highly improbable reason you do not have time to join us on the evening of Monday 28th September in the Museum of the Moving Images in Frankfurt you have another chance to join a CloudCamp on the 20th October in Munich

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