Chris is Going Multi-Media

Well, sometimes I am ahead in technology and sometimes I am just a little behind. So finally I have decided to extend the blog (thank you for all the e-mails and encouragement by the way) with a channel at BrightTalk.

The Channel “Chris Boos on Automation” was created yesterday and I have scheduled the first WebCast on this Channel to take place Tuesday 11th May 2010 14h CET. The Topic of the first WebCast will be: “No Cloud without Automation” or “No Cloud without Automation – Because Cloud Computing Will Be an Epic Fail Without Automation”.

I will be talking about the administrative overhead clouds create and how this overhead can eat up all the advantages of a cloud when migrating business critical applications to the cloud. And (you know I am not a doomsday person) I will be speaking about a solution to this particular challenge.

If you are interested, please register at BrightTalk (just click on the channel and register there).
I am looking forward to speaking to you and answering all upcoming questions at this little presentation.


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