M2 at U2

Well you must know by now that I am a Plastic Paddy or what some people call an honorary Irish man. So it was  a complete no brainer to get U2 tickets when the guys decided to pop by Frankfurt. Despite back problems – and only due to German medical skills – Bono was in full swing and the band obviously had great fun playing.

The U2 concert was simply something else. The sound in Frankfurt´s stadium was as bad as usual, but the show with the stage in the middle of the arena and a full 360 degree performance made this an event I will most certainly not forget. Besides all the good old and the more modern songs the guys played passionately on stage, I really love that U2 also has a message. A message of peace and understanding – in times when tolerance and communication seem at a new all time low. One could consider it a pity that the rock-grandpas of U2 have to step back on stage to deliver this message to an audience of 70.000 in Frankfurt alone while so few younger bands who also have a message simply do not get the chance because the music industry is still struggling with its fate of missing the internet age. However a band with a message like that, performance skills like U2´s, passion and enough resources to pull off one of the greatest shows I have seen in recent years is enough consolation for the incredible prices attached to the tickets.

If I get the chance to see the 360 tour of U2 again in some other city I visit I will definitely go there – and not just because they are Irish Legends.

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