The Devil Is in the Details

An idiom that anyone looking to manage any kind of highly reliable and well performing IT architecture will appreciate very much. Especially major incidents after changes or extensive delays in change or project work have a tendency to originate from some minute detail someone overlooked while “not changing anything”.
This can be especially unnerving, when you have no clue about these details and have to find them out the hard way – possible causing some collateral damage on the way. If you want to read my opinion on the level of details required and the level of detail getting you into a comfort zone without burying you under a mountain of useless data, read my guest blog post “Where Exactly Didn´t You Change Anything” on the Evolven blog.
By writing this post I learnt a little bit about the technology these guys use to determine even the most minor piece of information and not simply by “doffing” the content, but by actually understanding what all these little bits of information mean. After looking into the idea Evolven propagates I will definitely look into the technology – as much as they let me – and write about it.

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