CloudOps Summit – Run Your Cloud

Having organized a very successful CloudCamp in Frankfurt, Germany with about 150 attendees in 2009, since then we were asked again and again if we want to start a successor to this great event, providing a plattform for discussion and exchange about Cloud Computing. While the 2009 event dealt with questions like

  • What is Cloud Computing?
  • Is it secure?
  • Will it be suitable for Enterprises?
  • How far will the hype go?
  • What is happening outside of Europe?

the discussion moved on during 2010 and the hype grew and grew. Today Cloud Computing feels more like an avalanche, because unlike other technologies, the business case is widely accepted. The questions of enterprise customers today are shifting more towards how and when Cloud Computing hits their vicinity.

Customers today want to look deeper into vendor offerings and find out

  • How they can securely operate cloud-oriented solutions?
  • How to manage the additional complexity?
  • What issues arise with migration existing systems?
  • How they can benefit from best practices and open standards?
  • Which experience others already made with Cloud-based solutions?

To address these questions the CloudOps Summit on the 17th of March 2011 will provide a platform to discuss various aspects of Cloud Computing setting the focus on Operations, an area where the ‘flesh is put on the bones’.

The event will be structured along three tracks covering Management, Operations and Architecure. In addition we will have a separate track, which will offer the opportunity for Cloud Computing startups to present themselves, their products or present their experiences utilizing cloud-based offerings.

Please visit the CloudOps event page at for more details.

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