Arriving at “How to Web”

WOW! I´ve jst checked into the hotel at this year´s "How to Web" event in Bukarest Romania and I am impressed. First of all a big thank you to Bogdan Iordache who invited me to give a talk tomorrow. He asked me to shake up the event a little by getting out of the normal development talk and so I will try my best. But what I actually wanted to tell you about was my first impression coming here. Ok, I had a tough week so far with about 4 hours of sleep overal. When I came here and the "How to Web" crowd welcomed us very warmly. This feels almost like a mental spa for geeks. We were picked up at the airport, got a personal welcome at the hotel and even had a coockie (there goes the sweet tooth). Up in the room there is a nice bottle of wine and the internet is actually FAST. I have been speaking at many events and I have rarely ever had such a great welcome and a well organized reception for speakers. If the rest of the conference gets even close to that standard I promise to return next year right away. Also Eric Wahlforss – Co-Founder and CTO of SoundCloud – arrived at the same time and I had a chance to talk to him during our ride into the ciry. SoundCloud is actually one of these Apps that I use on a regular basis and never bothered to lok at the company, just because the App does exactly what I need it for and I am just a happy customer. 

I am very much looking forward to seeing all the cool people at "How to Web" tomorrow. 


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