PULSE 2012 – Between Technology 2.0 and Enterprise IT – Happy 5th Birthday PULSE

This year will not only be my 5th visit to IBM PULSE, it is also the 5th birthday of this unique IT operations community event. I do not have much time, so take for granted, I don’t waste any – not even in Vegas – and by returning to PULSE for the 5th year in a row, I make a statement about PULSE as the most content rich event for talking about, evolving and networking around IT operations (I think IT service management is the correct term, but I believe ITSM is only part of the game and what it is all about is the whole of operations).

Happy Birthday IBM PULSE

PULSE has seen the introduction of the Control Visualize Automate paradigm as well as the rising of the Smarter Planet initiative with its offspring (Smarter Computing, Smarter Cities, Green IT, etc.). With PULSE’s audience being mainly large enterprise customers I would have expected to see less enthusiasm about more modern approaches to operations like devops or even towards BigData and Cloud. But despite the focus on enterprise IT – which is changing at a slower pace than high tech IT environments – PULSE has never failed to point out where IT operations is heading and PULSE has never missed a beat in explaining why radical change can hold so much potential for enterprise users who are willing to adapt.
The gap between high tech companies and large enterprise is ever growing and IBM itself is one of the few big enterprises initiating change in their midst, so just that would make listening to their experience worthwhile. Adding the concentration of technical expertise as well as the network of fellow architects and decision makers shaping the future of enterprise AND high tech IT, this is an event anyone taking IT operations seriously can hardly miss.
Why am I saying that there is an ever-growing gap? Well take a look at the “infrastructure operational staff” at any major bank and the “infrastructure operations team” at Google. Or take a look at Cassandra or HBase as large-scale data stores and the relational DB technology and resources needed to be able to at least store the same amount of data. Change is knocking on the door of all of us established IT guys and I have a feeling that we are not good enough in embracing this change and adapting our comfortable concepts. This is why an event like IBM PULSE – where the enterprise community is strong and healthy, yet the organizers do not lock out modern IT concepts – is so important in building a bridge for all enterprise IT environments and all experts involved with them.
So what do I expect from this year’s PULSE? I think I’ve said it more or less directly. I expect PULSE and the network around PULSE to build a bridge for enterprise IT operations people to the new age of technology. An age where results outrank standardization, where data handled exceeds even the most outrageous predictions made just two years ago, an age where hardware becomes software and even infrastructure operations becomes configuration – which is what happens in a cloud environment – and an age where the network is not just the computer, but so much more.

Meet me au IBM PULSE 2012I am looking forward to a few great days in Las Vegas, many discussions and a lot of interesting sessions on technology, strategy and experience. My special focus will of course be automation or autonomous system operations but I will definitely attend devops, cloud and BigData sessions. If you are looking to engage and have a chat about IT automation, please tweet me at @boosc.
So happy birthday PULSE and happy service management to all of us.

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