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Chris Boos

Board member of arago AG. One of three founding members of the Frankfurt, Germany-based arago AG. Author of many academic and business publications, focusing on automation in IT operations as well as information modeling, IT security and sourcing solutions. Chris is also active in several boards and supports the European startup scene as a HackFwd referrer. He studied computer sciences at ETH Zürich and the Technical University Darmstadt. R&D efforts are focused on distributed computing (graph theory) and rule engines (deductive logic).

Both approaches are consistent with the notion of the network being a global area for computation and storage. Similarly they deal with the problem of ever growing information flows and with the desire to find intuitive ways of allowing businesses and their users to be in control of information and knowledge.

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Roland Judas

Roland Judas

Roland Judas


Roland Judas is Technical Evangelist at arago AG. He has over 17 years of experience in the Healthcare software industry dealing with large scale IT projects in Europe and the US. During this time he moved through several fields of activity in sales and marketing, consulting, product- and project management, IT operations and service management.

His areas of expertise beside Ehealth and healthcare applications like HIS (hospital information systems), PHR (personal health records) and PACS (Picture archiving and communication systems) are Cloud Computing, Big Data, (web|enterprise|whatever)_2.0, IT Service Management, IT Operations, DevOps, Automation and open source solutions. Currently he is working on various projects around the arago Autopilot for IT Operations, striving for disrupting the IT Operations space.

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Elmar Borgmeier

Elmar Borgmeier is CTO and a founding member of syngenio AG. The company (headquartered in Munich, Germany) provides consulting and IT-services for finance and telco industries. syngenio also offers process management consulting for IT-organisations, addressing both project management and service management.

Elmar Borgmeier specializes in methodologies for software development projects, project management and quality management. He is widely known for the development of AspectQ, the most relevant ‘How To’ for Agile Quality Management today. His continuous participation in customer projects as coach, lead consultant and project manager helps him to stay focused on pragmatic and effective methods.

He received his diploma in mathematics & computer science from the university of Karlsruhe, Germany. He is a founding member of the special interest group on project management in Stuttgart, Germany.

Markus Fix

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Markus Fix grew up in Africa. He studied physics, mathematics and ethnology in Germany.

Never inspired to get any of the usual degrees he founded three companies, cashed out and is now working as a complex-systems consultant and author.

Interests include (in no particular order): Lisp, artificial intelligence and software automation.

Visit his blog: lispmeister.posterous.com